Earlier Seed Germination & Better Root Structure

Magnation’s Seed Maximizer™ boosts seed concentration, accelerates germination rates, improves root structure, promotes crop uniformity, promotes disease resistance, and increases yields.

* Earlier emergence & enhanced germination
* Increased starch and protein production
* Deeper, wide-spreading root structure
* Soybeans: more nitrogen nodules
* Higher disease resistance
* Enhanced plant health
* Better absorption rate
* Reduced heat stress
* Stronger stalks
* Bigger yields

Seeds essentially are the resting system of organs for a future plant. The quality and virility of the plant depends on the quality of this system.

Treatments with Magnation’s specialized field enhance seed vigor by influencing the biochemical processes that involve free radicals, and by stimulating activity of proteins and enzymes. Numerous studies suggested that magnetic field increases ions uptake and consequently improves nutrition value which could be a good alternative for chemical treatments.

Magnation has developed a technology proven to improve the quality of seeds, as well as their germination properties and growth. This technology can reduce spending on sowing material by 30-50% and promotes earlier harvest ripening. Study results show that seeds treated using the magnetic field provided by Magnation grow faster, and speed up protein formation, which provides for the growth of roots while activating growth processes in weak seeds.

Proof is in the Field

The map above is a yield map taken from a customer’s combine monitor in Nebraska. The red box indicates where the testing took place, at a diagonal angle to assure the data was specific to this test. Every other row was treated with Magnation’s Seed Maximizer. 6.29 acres was treated, and 6.29 acres was untreated. The green is the higher yield, the yellow the lower yield. Untreated seeds yielded 55.1 bushels an acre. The Magnation-treated seeds yielded 58.58 bushels an acre. Magnation boosted 3.48 extra bushels per acre. Currently soybeans are $9.50 a bushel, earning an extra $33.06 an acre.

“Germination is good and quick, with better water penetration and moisture retention. The quality of our sedan barley was much better at 53 pounds per bushel. Didn’t have to spray for insects which saved us $3 to $4 per acre including time, material and equipment. We also had a .4 to 1/2 ton per acre in increase of our hay in the first cutting using the Magnation system vs. control.”
~ Gary Dickey, Del Norte, CO

“Our results have been remarkable. Where we installed the Magnation unit, the corn out-yielded our other irrigated corn but used 30% less irrigation water. The corn was 11% better than that fields previous best yield, there was noticeably better uniformity across the sprinklers on the pivot, and our pumping costs were lower. ”
~ Lee Fintel, Superior, NE