RainLike Water for Optimal Irrigation and Water Applications

Water & Energy Efficiency - Soil, Crop, Turf; Anti-Scale; Improved Hydration & Health for people, plants and animals; Less Chemicals and More!


Magnation: The leader in Maximum Water Utilization

Designed and manufactured in the United States with finest quality materials, Magnation Water Systems offer powerfully elegant and clean solutions to improve water and energy efficiency, soil and plant health, reduced fertilizer and chemical use, as well as improved maintenance and longevity of equipment. No chemicals, energy or maintenance required. Our water softener and conditioning systems are guaranteed for seven years, made of three different materials to meet your pricepoint.. We maximize water utilization and productivity across the globe with powerful, documented results who use our irrigation, anti-scale, oil-water separators, and degassing equipment.


Water Softening Benefits

Water consumption by 10-30%, energy use by 10%, agronomic inputs and chemicals, scale mitigation costs, surface tension, water density, soil salinity, TDS

Water quality, flow, water infiltration, soil permeability, oxygen concentration, nutrient uptake, crop yield and quality, time spent on other tasks, and scale removal


Soil conditions (“mellower soils”), soil pH, moisture retention, plant vigor, water parameters, solubility and dissolvability, mixing of fertilizers and chemicals, suction, irrigation equipment life, bottom line

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Clean technology
Generates no by-products, Requires no electricity, Chemical-free

Green technology
Promotes water efficiency, Improves productivity of impaired water sources

Environmental awareness
Discourages runoff and ponding, Reduces need for chemicals, Reduces load for electricity


Magnation’s water softener systems restructure water using magnetic science, making water more solvent and productive by reducing its density, viscosity and surface tension.

Field-tested and approved by large and small-scale Farmers and Golf Superintendents in North and South America and abroad ~ Check out testimonials now

Satellite imagery tracking vegetation patterns over time periods show improved vegetation density and soil permeability~ Scroll below to view

Thoroughly researched and published works around the world support the benefits of structured water, from healthier crops to scale removal and more~ Check out research now


Suitable for all types of irrigation
Passive, in-line installation
Mobile and long lasting
Broad uses in irrigation


15-20 year expected lifespan with no maintenance after installation
7-year limited manufacturers warranty
High quality materials and manufacturing
Excellent ROI





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